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3D AfestaVR [GearVR-HQ-PSVR-4K] 2018-07-05 KMVR-430 【超高画質版】小麦色に日焼けした姪っ子ゆうなちゃんと夏休みの密着生中出し自由研究! 石川祐奈

Posted in Afesta VR SiteRip on 6 July, 2018

KMVR-430 【超高画質版】小麦色に日焼けした姪っ子ゆうなちゃんと夏休みの密着生中出し自由研究! 石川祐奈

File Name : AF-KMVR-430-GearVR-HQ-PSVR-4K-1
Runtime : 19min 52s
File Size : 4.22 GB
File Name : AF-KMVR-430-GearVR-HQ-PSVR-4K-2
Runtime : 21min 25s
File Size : 4.55 GB
File Name : AF-KMVR-430-GearVR-HQ-PSVR-4K-3
Runtime : 19min 12s
File Size : 4.08 GB
Video : MPEG-4
Resolution : 3840×1920
Audio Codec : AAC LC

Download Links:

AF-KMVR-430-GearVR-HQ-PSVR-4K-1.mp4 – 4.2 GB
AF-KMVR-430-GearVR-HQ-PSVR-4K-2.mp4 – 4.5 GB
AF-KMVR-430-GearVR-HQ-PSVR-4K-3.mp4 – 4.1 GB

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