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3D AfestaVR [Smart2K] 2018-05-12 WOW-062 もしも彼女がAV女優 高城彩だったら… 夢の四畳半同棲生活

Posted in Afesta VR SiteRip on 12 May, 2018

WOW-062 もしも彼女がAV女優 高城彩だったら… 夢の四畳半同棲生活

File Name : AF-WOW-062-Smart2K-1
Runtime : 20min 43s
File Size : 1.82 GB
File Name : AF-WOW-062-Smart2K-2
Runtime : 25min 48s
File Size : 1.93 GB
Video : vr1d
Resolution : 2160×2160
Audio Codec : AAC LC

Download Link:

AF-WOW-062-Smart2K-1.mp4 – 1.8 GB
AF-WOW-062-Smart2K-2.mp4 – 1.9 GB

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