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[4K Ultra HD – Oculus Rift] – Car Wash Clean Up |

Posted in on 17 October, 2018

Car Wash Clean Up
Car Wash Clean Up
Car Wash Clean Up
Car Wash Clean Up
Car Wash Clean Up
Car Wash Clean Up

4K Ultra HD- 10.6 GiB Car Wash Clean Up

Today is the perfect day to spray down your sweet ride to really make it shine. Soapy suds and a gentle cool mist fill the air and the display is simply too much for your new neighbor, Kali Roses. She’s had an eye on your handiwork and this blonde cutie is upset that her own water hasn’t been turned on. Temptation and opportunity brings her to your doorstep but will you let Kali use your shower for a price?

Download File – Car Wash Clean Up

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