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[4K Ultra HD – Oculus Rift] – My UnForGIVING Wife |

Posted in on 4 October, 2018


4K Ultra HD- 2.20 GiB My UnForGIVING Wife

When your wife is Brandi Love, you had better behave. She is a MILF with curly blonde hair, cute brown eyes and the curves that will make your cock raise up in the air. Her 36C breasts and 36 inch ass look amazing on her 5 feet 7 inch tall frame. Well if Brandi is your wife then why are you fucking up so much? You are lying in bed with a remote control in your hand. It looks like you’ve been hanging around all day with bottles and food wrappers all around you when Brandi storms in the house. She says that someone at her work says you’ve been fucking around with some slut named Shelly. Have you?! Well maybe in Virtual Reality, but you don’t say whether you have or not, Shelly is the hot secretary at her place of work. Even if you haven’t really banged her you’ve certainly thought about it. So here’s what Ms. Love does to punish you. She says you are never going to cum again, at least not from her own pussy. However, she is going to tease you so she sits right in front of you and puts her pussy close your face so close that you can smell it, but you can’t touch it. She uses a vibrator on her pussy to get herself off. In this VR Porn video she does a few different positions, and each one makes her moan in a whole new way. Since you’re her boyfriend you know that Brandi is a complete slut who loves to masturbate and now that she’s mad at you, she is talking to you and telling you how worthless you are while she is getting off. Strangely, this is kind of hot and your cock grows even though your wife is being kind of mean to you… maybe you’ll decide to behave like an asshole a little more often.

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