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[4K Ultra HD – Oculus Rift] – Whatever It Takes |

Posted in on 16 November, 2018

Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes

4K Ultra HD- 1.80 GiB Whatever It Takes

Have you ever wanted to be a VR Porn star? You’re going to need a sexy body, appropriate attitude and some love for good fucking. And what if you have it all? You have to make an appointment with the VRB agent! Patty Michova had also been asking this question, found out what the answer was, and went on a meeting with our representative. In Virtual Reality Bangers we can appreciate a true talent – just show us your best and give us a proof that you have that “something”, which will appeal to our viewers. When Patty arrived at her meeting, the first thing she had to do after a short conversation was getting naked. The girl began undressing slowly, showing us her feminine shapes, firm ass, and juicy boobs. When Patty was all naked and finished her erotic striptease, she began to dance on a table to show us that she’s worth it – looks like she really cares about this job! Unfortunately, nice body is not all that is needed to become a star of Virtual Reality Porn – our agent had to see her in action! Fortunately, the girl isn’t shy and was prepared for such a turn of events, so she boldly spread her legs and began to play with her pussy. But fingers do not give such satisfaction as a hard dick, so she’s decided to help herself out with her lipstick-shaped vibrator to speed up the pace a little bit. The girl plays with her wet pussy, putting her dildo as deep as possible when her moaning and groaning spread throughout the office. When Patty cums, our agent sincerely regrets that he’s at work and can’t join the girl – but he must remain professional and keep it cool. It seems that the girl has predispositions to become a real VR Porn star. And what do you think? Watch the video and see for yourself!

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