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PVC Perfection / Lexi ZexyVR / Feb 02, 2021

Posted in ZexyVR on 6 February, 2021

PVC Perfection Lexi ZexyVR

Cast: Lexi ZexyVR
Studio: ZexyVR

We don’t even know where to start with this hot VR striptease from ZexyVR. It’s not just that we’ve got busty Lexi here to play – it’s what she’s wearing! Like PVC? Well she’s wearing a whole dress made from the stuff. Enjoy lingerie? Underneath the dress is an amazing, dark red lingerie outfit that shows off her sexy curves! And of course – ALL of it is coming off in this sexy solo striptease. We can’t wait to see what this busty brunette has in store for us!
VR Porn Video “PVC Perfection” from ZexyVR studio featuring Lexi ZexyVR.

Download File – PVC Perfection

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