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Under the Sheets / PussyKat / 28 September, 2017

Posted in on 22 January, 2019

Under the Sheets PussyKat
Under the Sheets PussyKat
Under the Sheets PussyKat
Under the Sheets PussyKat
Under the Sheets PussyKat
Under the Sheets PussyKat

One of the wildest VR Porn video fantasies is to have sex with your girlfriend asian teen friend and now it’s about to happen! Its another lazy night that you just want to lie in bed and read a book, your girlfriend want to go out for a movie and she bring her best friend PussyKat, while she search for a movie to go to, her friend who has a major crash on you begins to lift the blanket and slowly tease your dick and show you her beautiful pair of boobs that she has and what she is dying to do to you with them. When your girl finally found a nice cinema to go to she remembered that she need her wallet and she went searching for it, now she left you with the sexy asian predator PussyKat and she is so ready to swallow all of your dick whole,she then goes under the blanket and suck your dick so good that you squirm and twist. The blonde girlfriend comes back and she doesn’t even know what is happening. What is that squirming under the blanket? Where did the friend go? When she sees what’s happening she decides she is done. She doesn’t want to see what is about to happen. The Asian shrugs and continues her hot sex encounter with you. The blond’s loss! It could have been a hot threesome if she wasn’t so square. She strips all the way down exposing her whole entire amazing body. She sits right on top of your cock, making you moan. She fucks you like you’ve never been fucked before. Usually the guy does a lot of the work but this chick isn’t one who minds doing stuff for you. She lays back and gets her pussy fucked by you while still taking hold of the session. Then she gets on her knees and sucks you off some more until you jizz on her face. Don’t worry about the blonde friend, she’ll probably be back for more in a little while! Maybe she was just jealous of her friend’s enterprising behavior represented by taking hold of your dick first!

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