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VR OFKS-023 [Smart2K+Smart] 2017-11-07 Hazuki Mion Oily TitsJob!

Posted in Afesta VR SiteRip on 9 November, 2017

OFKS-023 爆乳Jカップオイリーディルドパイズリ
Hazuki Mion

File Name : AF-OFKS-023-Smart
Runtime : 12min 2s
File Size : 853 MB
Video : vr1d
Resolution : 1600×1600
Audio Codec : AAC LC
File Name : AF-OFKS-023-GearVR
Runtime : 12min 2s
File Size : 859 MB
Video : vr1d
Resolution : 2160×2160
Audio Codec : AAC LC

Download Links:

AF-OFKS-023-GearVR.mp4 – 859.2 MB

[Smart 1600*1600]

AF-OFKS-023-Smart.mp4 – 853.4 MB

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