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Warm Up / Daniella Margot / June 05, 2018

Posted in 18VR on 7 January, 2019

Warm Up Daniella Margot
Warm Up Daniella Margot
Warm Up Daniella Margot
Warm Up Daniella Margot
Warm Up Daniella Margot
Warm Up Daniella Margot

As a personal trainer, you’ve got to choose your clients carefully. You charge them those premium prices, but every now and again you come across a girl who’s looking to get a free session. As you’re getting ready to go home for the day, Danielle Margot shows up for an impromptu consultation. You don’t have time for this shit, but you hear her out. She’s got very specific goals – a firmer chest and a tighter tuchus. Generously, you decide to offer her a free introductory offer, a full session free of charge. One-half hour of ass, throat, and pussy exercises later, Danielle will be ready for her post-workout protein shake, so go ahead and give it to her

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